Desert Campaign

4.7" Gun & Crew, Spoked Wheels, Sand (FWD-01)
Price £165.00
Somewhere in the tropics. (It is a moot point as to whether yello....

4.7" Gun & Crew, Spoked Wheels, Camo (FWD-02)
Price £165.00
By popular request and courtesy of one collectors photo we decided to ....

Leyland Flatbed, Sand (FWD-03)
Price £135.00

Leyland were the first company to produce trucks under the subsidy scheme. The....


General Service Wagon, Sand (FWD-04)
Price £165.00

So named by the RFC but utilised by other branches of the military the Leyland....


Ammo Load (FWD-05)
Price £25.00
Market Stall