About Grey Goose Collectables

Grey Goose Collectables, was formed in December of 2007, by Clive and Sue Gande to act as distributor in Europe for the Figarti product line.

Historically Clive came into the collecting world much as everyone else, remembering the Airfix kits as a child and progressing to the metal miniatures through Trophy, Britains, Little Legion and King and Country amongst others.

Finding it difficult to obtain the Figarti line in Europe and following a visit to the Chicago Show in September 2007 where Figarti unveiled their awesome new offerrings, Clive agreed to establish a European Distributorship.

Sue is the (patient) organiser behind the venture and they're in the process of creating a showroom to show off the complete range.

Since that time as the business has established itself many unique ideas and products continue to come to fruition through the research provided to Figarti. At the same time many customers have reviewed their collections (or lack of space) and enquired whether exchange of goods or purchase of collections was undertaken by Grey Goose Collectables. Although this had been conducted on a friendly basis matching buyers with sellers we have now progressed to offering additional product lines to the collecting community.

These items could be brand new from other manufacturers or be from collections acquired. These additional products have been added to the website either under the manufacturers heading or under the Market Stall where an eclectic mix of items is offered.